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PCN Rigging

Surveying - Beacon Comms offers the complete range of site surveying services. We pride ourselves on the level of reporting we offer and the open channels of communication that we have with the client.

Project Planning - Our experienced project management team are able to survey sites and provide the solution to your project needs.  From the client providing us with a fully detailed programme to receiving literally just a list of site names we are able to plan the logistics required and execute the task.

Installation - We have many years of experience of PCN rigging for all operators and site types, from rooftops to pylons.  Our installation teams are very competent and fully equipped for all enabling and installation works.

Testing - Beacon Comms teams have all of the necessary test and commissioning equipment for PCN rigging, from frequency response testing of feeders to Satellite alignment tools. e.g. Anritsu, Wiltron and Spaa 5.

Documentation - Our teams are trained to complete all documentation before leaving site thus ensuring that handover documentation is accurate, complete and timely.

Upgrade and Maintenance Works - We have carried out large tranche of upgrade works as part of a wide spread network improvement.  Our logistical project management and highly competent rigging teams are able to quickly and effectively provide solutions to any situation

All Site Types - Beacon personnel are accredited for greenfield, streetworks rooftops and pylon sites for all telecoms infrastructure site owners including Arqiva, BT, Wireless Infrastructure Group to name but a few.







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